Dichiarazione congiunta di Labour7, W7 e C7 sulla Ministeriale G7 Lavoro


Pubblichiamo la Dichiarazione congiunta di Labour7, W7 e C7 sulla Ministeriale G7 Lavoro 

The world is experiencing multiple transitions that are changing the labour market’s foundation, mainly in terms of workforce participation, requested skill sets and diverse range of career paths. While these transitions may present new opportunities, they also bring to light latent risks. The latest World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index reveals a persistently negative situation for women in the G7 members, with only 2 countries having managed to improve their conditions slightly, while the others have even regressed in ranking. Globally, the picture is even more concerning. First, the gender employment, salary, and pension gap remain a significant concern, as women still face challenges in accessing new job opportunities on an equal footing with horizontal and vertical segregation for women in the labour market persisting in G7 economies. According to the ILO’s latest data, twice as many women as men are outside the labour force. Women represent a large share of informal workers and access to decision-making positions in any sector remains too limited to allow significant change.

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