What we do

In an ever-changing context that requires innovation to face and follow the transformations, LINK2007 shares and enhances its experience and strengthens its action, safeguarding the heritage of values, skills and experience of its member organisations.

Moreover, the importance of LINK 2007 lies in the sharing of this heritage among its members, who for decades, through dialogue with society and institutions, have been fighting proactively against poverty, for the development of peoples and for a fairer and more equitable world.

The network’s mission


As an instrument of peace, change and humanitarian development


Directed to anyone in need without discrimination


Constant updating knowledge, methodologies and tools

Our values

The founding elements of LINK 2007’s NGO identity, culture and strategic vision are rigour and transparency.


Accountability of the results of project impact assessments


The protagonists of development processes are local actors


The challenges of poverty and injustice cannot be tackled alone.


Seeking innovative technical and social practices with a view to effectiveness and sustainability

Campagna 0,70.  The world is hungry for development”.

Italy’s resources for international cooperation for development are absolutely insufficient to achieve the set objectives and inadequate to deal with the post-pandemic crisis and the problems related to climate/environmental change, which risk distancing us from the achievement of sustainable development objectives.

We are strongly convinced that international cooperation is the connective tissue of international relations and development policies, capable of involving both national institutions and territorial communities in effective and supportive partnerships for economic and social justice.

For these reasons, we have decided to promote the ‘070 Campaign’ with the aim of deploying the best skills of civil society to relaunch international cooperation for development and call for the adoption of a law that would allocate 0.70% of gross national income for public development aid in a progressive manner starting from the next budget law.

LINK 2007 is the promoter of the Paolo Dieci Award 

The award was created to commemorate Paolo Dieci and his commitment to peace, the rights of every person, and cooperation between peoples.The initiative is aimed at Italian Civil Society Organisations of international cooperation, diasporas and new generations that have experienced or are experiencing an equal partnership in the implementation of development projects or global citizenship education. Its aim is to valorise and encourage active partnerships between the Osc and the organised realities of the world of immigration and the new generations to deepen, communicate, and realise a cooperation for quality development that is effective, sustainable and of mutual interest.

Partner networks

National Forum of the Third Sector
Italian Peace and Disarmament Network
ASVIS - Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development
Platform Italian CSOs Med. and Middle East
Concord Italy
FOCSIV – Volunteers in the World

Organisations and companies with which we collaborate

  • Istituto Agronomico Mediterraneo di Bari – CIHEAM Bari

  • Cassa Depositi e Prestiti

  • International Fund for Agricultural Development

  • University of Milan