Beyond distances. Development

LINK 2007 is a consortium coordination association that brings together important and historic Italian Non-Governmental Organizations: AMREF, CESVI, CIAI, CISP, COOPI, COSV, ELIS, FONDAZIONE CORTI, ICU, INTERSOS, LE RÉSEAU, LVIA, MEDICI CON L’AFRICA CUAMM, SOLETERRE, WEWORLD, WORLD FRIENDS.

It was created to share and consolidate values, knowledge, experience, and know-how, to give greater strength to development cooperation and humanitarian aid, enhancing their diverse specificities while maintaining their profound meaning.

LINK 2007 aims at the qualitative improvement of cooperation and partnerships for development, which require skills, professionalism, ability to relate to communities and institutions, a permanent commitment to promoting autonomous subjectivities, local capacities, and sharing purposes and values.

LINK2007 actively participates in the debate on international cooperation, bringing proactive proposals, enhancing the “cooperation achieved” and safeguarding the heritage of values, knowledge, professionalism, and expertise expressed over the decades by NGOs.

LINK2007 is Cooperation in Network. The increasing complexity of the challenges that development cooperation faces requires knowledge and analytical skills, synergies, and complementarities. The meaning of LINK2007 lies precisely in networking the heritage of organizations that for decades, in dialogue with society and institutions, have been committed to fighting poverty, promoting the development of peoples, and creating a fairer and more just world.