Cooperation: Paolo Dieci, with the National Reform Council comes to life


Rome, 6 July 2015: At the first meeting of the National Council, held today in Rome at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, with the Triennial Programming Document on the agenda, the state of the art on the cooperation reform process Italy and the international negotiations in progress, we have all arrived full of expectations. Representatives from the non-governmental world, from the profit sector, from associations, from the academic world, from immigration, from finance, from local authorities, from institutions and ministries, have started a path, envisaged by law 125 / 2014, which goes well the expansion of Italy’s development cooperation governance system. It is significant that this took place on the eve of the first international appointment this year, correctly defined as “the year of global agendas”: the Addis Ababa Conference on Financing for Development (13 – 16 July). The “bet” of the National Council is the same as the law that determined it: to make international cooperation a strategy shared by all the main sectors of Italian society, without dispersing the heritage of professionalism and rigor developed over the past decades.