Tips for risk management and the safety of operators of international cooperation and solidarity organizations


On the occasion of the Conference Security is a serious matter, which took place today at the MAECI, promoted by the NGO networks: AOI, CINI, LINK2007 with the CRISIS UNIT and the DG COOPERATION FOR DEVELOPMENT Of the MAECI, was distributed and presented the document “THE SAFETY OF NGO OPERATORS AND OTHER CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANIZATIONS COMMITTED TO INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION AND SOLIDARITY – RISK MANAGEMENT”. The issue of security has repeatedly been the subject of dialogue between NGOs and the Crisis Unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. An initial publication “The management of the safety of operators employed abroad” was in November 2008 the first result of a joint work which laid the foundations for subsequent insights also prompted by new risk situations, including kidnappings of NGO personnel. The current moment, with the growing complexity of the contexts in which we operate and the greater risks for the safety of humanitarian workers, requires a more generalized awareness of these risks and a better knowledge of the measures to be adopted, as many NGOs have been doing for some time . NGOs often operate in contexts of serious humanitarian crisis, they are driven by the sense and value of the human being, of solidarity, of the humanitarian imperative that “requires” them to rescue and protect populations fleeing due to war, hunger or natural disasters … the confrontation between NGOs and CRISIS UNITS, open, sincere, respectful of the different purposes, attentive to mutual needs and suggestions, it can help to better identify the best and most effective methods and to share them with the various solidarity organizations, in order to be able to combine security and humanitarian action, when this is necessary and is experienced as an indispensable imperative. A dossier resulting from a joint work is reported, precisely “Suggestions for risk management and the safety of operators of international cooperation and solidarity organizations”
At the same time, the new site created by SISCOS “HEALTH GUIDE FOR EXPATRIES” was presented .