Jobs Act, agreement between NGOs and trade unions on contracts


On 14 September the trade union representatives of Nidil CGIL, FELSA-CISL, UILTEMP and the networks of NGOs, AOI and LINK2007 signed a harmonization agreement, which brings the National Collective Agreement on coordinated and ongoing project collaborations, already in place since 2013, to be in line with the new labor legislation. Legislative Decree no. 81/2015, in force since 25 June 2015, in fact repealed the coordinated and continuous project collaboration, which was the contractual form most used by NGOs, both for collaborators abroad and for those in Italy. The Jobs Act also establishes that, from 1 January 2016, the discipline of the subordinate employment relationship also applies to the so-called coordinated and continuous collaboration relationships unless there is a national collective agreement stipulated by the most representative trade union associations. In fact, the harmonization agreement just signed regulates coordinated and continuous collaborations and aims to guarantee NGO operators the protections provided by law and their economic treatment, in an organic and comprehensive way, confirming the protections provided in the event of maternity, illness and accidents which have been abrogated by the new provisions of the law on collaborations. In fact, the conditions agreed in the 2013 agreement on remain valid and are transferred to contracts following the abrogation of project contracts which took place with the Jobs Act.