The relaunch of Italy’s international cooperation is everyone’s goal


We agree with those, including in the government, who argue that the relaunch of our international development cooperation, as well as fostering peace processes by building solid partnerships, can usefully contribute to overcoming the crisis. Responding more and better to the needs and requests of African, Mediterranean and Near Eastern, Latin American and Asian countries and peoples also means increasing Italy’s role in Europe and in the world. It’s everyone’s goal! The revitalization of cooperation must involve quality and effectiveness in development actions. This is why LINK 2007 already last March 7, with an article signed by Nino Sergi ( -complete-ranks), he added his voice to the appeal to the Government to strengthen the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation with new personnel with specific skills and professionalism in the sector. An appeal that has not been heeded to date. There are young Italian skills, in United Nations Agencies, in Regional Development Organizations, in the world of NGOs, with years of experience in the field, high professionalism and solid academic preparation, also thanks to the fact that a specialized training offer has existed for years through the partnership between NGOs and universities. Giving these people the opportunity to put themselves at the service of Italian cooperation is in the country’s interest. This is also how we can and must build the present and future of our international cooperation.

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