Solidarity with the families of the victims of Dhaka


Once again we mourn the deaths of innocent victims due to terrorist savagery. Among the victims of Dacca there are also nine Italians; among them entrepreneurs, volunteers, women and men who have contributed to the development of Bangladesh, Italy and other countries, to create work, income, opportunities. Our infinite sympathy goes out to their families and to those of the victims in other countries. Pain, outrage, condemnation are the only words that make sense in the face of so much horror. We are with Pope Francis when he affirms that this senseless violence offends men and God. All and all, without distinction, Christians, Muslims, Jews, atheists, we cannot but feel the threat that comes from those who want to destroy the values ​​of tolerance and coexistence , annihilate development and integration processes, kill innocents. And all of us, without distinction, must make our voices heard, multiply our efforts to oppose this design. We owe it to us, to our young people, to the memory of the victims. Europe is not the only solution to the dramas of the contemporary world but one thing is certain: without Europe the solution is more difficult. We need more Europe, more cohesive, more united, more supportive, more open to dialogue with civil society, less distant from the citizens, more incisive and cohesive in its foreign policy.