Valuation Policies


Measuring the impact of actions taken to eradicate poverty and inequality, ensure the fundamental rights of men and women, respond to humanitarian crises and promote sustainable development, plays a fundamental role in the constant quest to induce positive change.
With this aim, starting from the signing of the LINK2007 “Charter on the path towards accountability” signed on 16 October 2013, the commitment has been strengthened in the implementation of some measures which place assessment at the center of our intervention strategies. Starting from important premises, we intend to identify and share principles, common guidelines and a path that identifies a minimum set of useful tools for impact assessment. These will be elaborated by synergizing the available knowledge and systematizing the many available methodologies.
To do this, we consider the possibility and ability to dialogue with partners, institutions, academic representatives and experts who are confronted on the same fields of work as a value. The aim is also to participate in the identification of useful practices to increase the effectiveness of action with respect to global development objectives.