Impact assessment in international cooperation


In October 2016, the Board of Directors of Link2007 approved a policy document on the impact assessment of development cooperation initiatives and projects. The need to further investigate the topic led to the decision to set up a working group composed of experts belonging to Link2007 NGOs and external experts, known for their expertise in the field of impact assessment and the theory of change. For this reason, Social Value Italia was asked to be part of the project.
The result of this process is the dossier “Impact assessment of international cooperation. A methodological proposal”, a first step in the process of promoting a culture of impact at the Italian level, which makes evaluation a daily and consolidated practice among those who implement development cooperation interventions at all levels.
The dossier was presented at the Farnesina on 9 February. The event set out to create a space for dialogue and discussion between those involved in impact assessment on several fronts, beneficiaries-requesters of the assessment, experts, implementers and administrators.
Questions of a technical-managerial and theoretical-methodological nature found within this event a space for reflection to identify together possible scenarios and solutions.