National Collective Agreement NGOs-Trade Unions


The networks of NGOs, Link2007 and AOI, signed the new agreement with the trade unions CGIL, CILS and UIL, for the contracts of aid workers and operators employed by the organizations in cooperation and humanitarian aid projects.
This is the renewal, adapted to the new labor legislation, of an agreement now in its third revision.
In fact, for about a decade, Italian NGOs have strongly felt the need to see the specific role that their operators, included in humanitarian aid and cooperation projects, play both abroad and in Italy.
Also in the premise of the agreement it is underlined how the NGOs carry out a peculiar and often very complex job: for this reason the protection of their operators becomes an ethically fundamental element.
In fact, the agreement also provides for greater protection against illness and maternity, compared to the provisions of the law on coordinated and continuous collaboration contracts, as well as guaranteeing adequate insurance coverage.

Collective agreement 2018-2021