A Global Compact on Refugees


Meeting at the highest governmental and international levels at the UN before the last stage to reach the formal adoption of the Global Compact on Refugees by 2018. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, opened and led the proceedings , which was actively attended by ministers and undersecretaries from all continents.
With the adoption in September 2016 of the New York Declaration on Migrants and Refugees. The 193 States of the UN General Assembly (AG) have recognized the need for a global approach to human mobility, planning a process of consultation and negotiation to reach the adoption in 2018 of two global pacts: the Global Compact for a migration safe, orderly and regular (GCM) and the Global Compact on Refugees (GCR).
The formulation of the GCR was entrusted to the UNHCR which, based on the 1951 Geneva Convention, the related 1967 Protocol and other international regulations for the protection and protection of the person, involved all interested parties in a broad consultation process, governmental, international, profit and non-profit private individuals, financial institutions, civil society organizations, NGOs, accompanied by intergovernmental negotiations until reaching, after months of work, the definition of a shared text which was proposed for the formal adoption of the GA .
High Commissioner Filippo Grandi’s urgent appeal to present governments is that the planned approval process be maintained and that the GCR be formally approved by the GA by December 2018.