The Global Compact on migration is beneficial to Italy


The Global Pact on Migration is good for Italy. In particular, it serves:
1. as a reference for an overall, coherent and far-sighted definition of one’s own migration policy, going beyond the emergency and sectoral approach; 2. as a tool to strengthen one’s reasons in relations and negotiations with other European countries; 3. as a means to facilitate negotiations in the definition of agreements with countries of origin and transit which need to be multiplied in the near future.
In fact, it can provide Italian and European decision makers with the tool to overcome at least in part the irreconcilability of opposing positions, indicating that common denominator and that common thread on which to base priorities and choices; thus also strengthening the Italian request for greater cooperation and solidarity and more shared decisions.
It is essential to show respect, credibility and coherence in the definition of bilateral and regional agreements with countries of departure and transit of migrants, also to be able to agree on the necessary returns.
It can also indicate the path for defining that overall and farsighted political strategy that Italy needs and in which to insert the sectoral regulatory provisions coherently and without improvisations.
The “Link 2007 – Cooperation on the Net” document intends to propose elements of knowledge and reflection for an in-depth analysis without ideological prejudices