The Redemption Song Project


Redemption Song is a project that aims to inform and raise awareness among the populations of the Sahel countries (Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and the Republic of Guinea) on the risks of irregular migration and which aims to stimulate effective synergies and collaborations between society’s organizations (CSO) operating in the field of migration and development in the 5 countries.
The awareness plan is based on the documentary film “Redemption Song” by director Cristina Mantis which tells the story of a Guinean refugee (Cissoko) who, once in Italy, realizes the impressive number of people who continue to die at sea in an attempt to reach the dream of a better life. Cissoko thus decides to return to his native country to inform his brothers and sisters about the risks of irregular migration and the precarious and painful conditions that he often creates, sometimes close to slavery. The message is to stimulate community mobilization for social inclusion and the development of economic opportunities.

The project sheet