Immigration government. Don’t start over or improvise


The new government seems intent on tackling the reality of immigration and human mobility from a European point of view and definitively exiting the emergency phase. The NGOs associated in LINK 2007 welcome the political signals for a real governance of the migratory reality that knows how to combine humanity, solidarity, dignity of every person, utility for the country and precise rules to curb illegality and human trafficking, ensuring security. The important thing is that you don’t start over and that you stop improvising. A lot of work has been done in recent years in the academic, political and civil society spheres, which can be put to good use.

In a note addressed to Parliament, the Presidency of the Council, the competent Ministries, the Media, LINK 2007 summarizes some reflections and suggestions on topics that it has developed in recent years, which are particularly topical: from the global compact to the reform of the Dublin treaty, to overcoming the emergency approach, to the common European policy, to the need to define precise rules for regular entries, also to combat irregularity, to due attention to citizens’ perceptions and fears, to social inclusion, to shared guidelines.

Link 2007 thus intends to contribute to the debate and to the better definition of policies relating to the migratory situation.