Towards full accountability


Five words can serve to summarize the meaning of our mission, which we place at the center of the debate on international cooperation in the contemporary world. The first is accountability, reporting the results of project impact assessments. The second is professionalism, which represents a deontological commitment towards countries and communities. The third is partnership: the challenges of poverty and injustice cannot be faced alone. This is why we founded the LINK 2007 network with other NGOs in Italy and in every country we create alliances with institutions, trade associations, companies, universities, research centres, civil society associations. The fourth word is ownership: the protagonists of the development processes are, in each country, the local subjects representing the community fabric, institutional, associative, academic, entrepreneurial. The fifth word is innovation, which translates, in every context, into the analysis of existing good practices and the identification of possible technical and social innovations based on effectiveness and sustainability.

Paolo Dieci, 18 January 2018

The charter of accountability