In memory of Paolo


“Paul was a person who spent his whole life for an ideal of justice that drove him to political commitment in his early youth and then, in adulthood, transformed into his professional commitment to development cooperation . His youthful ideal has become his work. He was a very intelligent, cultured, very curious, pragmatic, reliable man, a tireless worker. He was a person whose extreme kindness, patience, and under all circumstances he never lost his temper and sought solutions for every problem. And this gives an indication of what he thought was essential to do this job: certain professional characteristics: professionalism, competence, honesty, ability to settle conflicts; but also personal characteristics: as “good education” said.
But Paul was also a restless person, deeply affected by the evils of the earth and who – as someone said – wanted to repair the world, and was in a hurry to do so. He tried to do it with passion and determination. Always playing on the front line, always assuming, in all circumstances, even the most difficult and sometimes dangerous ones, his own responsibilities, and often those of others as well.” (Maura Viezzoli – President of CISP)

The memory of Paolo today, in the difficult situation in which we find ourselves, is more intense than ever and today the proceedings of the conference held in Pavia on 3 June in his memory were published in number 2 /2019 by Junco and can be viewed by clicking here .
We are pleased to share and disseminate them at a time when it is so important to believe in cooperation and solidarity.
We would like to thank all the friends of JUNCO very much: Egidio Dansero, Emanuele Fantini, Carlo Semita and all the editorial staff who made this initiative possible. A special thanks to Gianni Vaggi.

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