Victims of our sloth


Victims of our sloth 

The tragedy of the migrants who died in the Mediterranean Sea last Thursday was avoidable.

Once again we find ourselves moved to express our horror and outrage at this umpteenth AVOIDABLE tragedy. And scandalized by the rebound of responsibility. Is this the Europe of human rights?

The at least one hundred dead, left to die at sea without help, innocent victims of the incapacity of politics to deal with an epochal phenomenon, dramatically remind our country, Europe and the member countries that a change of course is urgently needed, a concrete turning point in migration policies.

There is an urgent need to restore relief zones at sea under the responsibility of the European Union with a clear mandate to provide relief and save lives.

It is necessary to support the NGOs that provide relief at sea.

It is necessary to reinforce the presence in Libya of UNHCR, IOM and other United Nations agencies and international NGOs for the activation of emergency evacuations ; while calling for the closure of detention centers in Libya.

It is urgent to open humanitarian corridors managed by the EU and the UN.

It is essential to reopen legal channels to enter Europe.

Our future and that of the next generations depends on the answers to these requests.

Silvia Stilli , AOI spokesperson
Roberto Ridolfi , president of Link2007
Raffaele Salinari , CINI spokesperson