Afghanistan, coordination table is activated


The extraordinary meeting on the emergency in Afghanistan was held at the Farnesina , convened by Minister Di Maio to discuss with the networks of the NGOs AOI, CINI and Link2007 .

In addition to the national contacts, some associated organizations active in the country were present: for AOI the spokesperson Silvia Stilli, Pangea, Emergency, Oxfam and Cospe participated, for Link2007 the President Roberto Ridolfi and Intersos, for CINI the spokesperson Raffaele Salinari with Save The Children and Action Aid.

An important step forward in the definition of certain commitments based largely on our proposals, which the head of the Farnesina will illustrate to the Council of Ministers today. For us this was the main objective and in this direction we guarantee full and complete collaboration ”, declares Roberto Ridolfi , President of Link2007.

In these hours, NGOs and institutions will intensify their efforts for the success of the humanitarian air bridges from Kabul airport, always in close collaboration with the consul and the military command on site: this is the priority.

In the imminent closure of the US and British gates at Kabul airport, which will also lead to the cessation of Italian flights, Di Maio affirmed his willingness to launch the humanitarian corridors, also in agreement with the countries bordering Afghanistan , for guarantee security to all civilians in danger for their social and political activism, in the name of rights, starting with women.

Maximum protection, support and enhancement for the Italian NGOs active in Afghanistan who do not intend to abandon emergency and cooperation garrisons and programmes : this is the other important point reiterated by the Farnesina. The NGO networks have reaffirmed the need for Italy to guarantee a permanent diplomatic garrison in Kabul , also through a common form of representation of the EU countries: there are objective logistical difficulties in operating in the country, also in terms of security. The funds provided for Afghanistan within the decree on humanitarian missions abroad will be allocated to the humanitarian chapter and to support refugees in border countries and civil society. Inter-ministerial coordination to ensure coherence between humanitarian aid policies and the reception and integration of Afghan refugees , with particular attention to unaccompanied minors and family reunifications, unblocking long-standing asylum applications and suspending forced repatriations, with an active role in Europe for the reception of those who are fleeing the Balkan route and other ways and stationed in inhumane considerations in Lesvos, and reopening the dispute with Turkey on rejections : also on these points the NGO networks have registered maximum availability from the Farnesina .

The Minister, as declared in a press release from the Farnesina, accepted our proposal for the establishment of a permanent coordination table on Afghanistan at the MAECI with the presence of civil society and the other bodies involved: coordination will be entrusted to the Deputy Minister Marina Serene. Finally, a season of constructive dialogue is opening in the spirit of Law 125 ”says AOI spokesperson Silvia Stilli .

Starting from the recognition of errors of evaluation and management in the troubled twenty years of military presence of NATO forces in Afghanistan, the Italy of humanitarian aid and international cooperation can truly play a central and authoritative political role in Europe and on the international scene in a framework of coherence and active diplomacy for the protection of human rights. We have always been there, as an NGO, we will intensify the commitment for a fundamental contribution thanks to our organizations that will remain in the country and active in Italy in welcoming . concludes Raffaele Salinari , CINI spokesperson.

Silvia Stilli, AOI spokesperson

Raffaele Salinari, CINI spokesman

Roberto Ridolfi, President of Link2007