Soleterre enters LINK 2007: synergies are needed



Soleterre joins Link2007. The actual admission was preceded by a period of getting to know each other. “We felt the need, as an organization, to open up and to be able to make a wider contribution and in Link2007 it was like meeting up with friends, similar but capable of bringing different points of view” observes Cristina Cornelli, Director of the Soleterre  Foundation .

“The time we are living in is fertile in planning, the pandemic has taught us to navigate in uncertain waters and shown how the needs of others are ours too. There is a sense of tension towards the future, at an individual and social level, and the third sector still has a lot to say and give. Organizations born from civil society need to unite in order to grow, to best express value and to increase their negotiating power, certainly not as an opposition but as synergy and mutual recognition with all public and private actors committed to improving social justice in international contexts, as well as in our country. But a little courage is needed – as citizens, public and private institutions, businesses and non-governmental organizations – the courage to show ourselves as we are,

Since 2002 Soleterre has been working for the recognition of the right to health in its broadest meaning. At the heart of the Foundation’s efforts is the work of caring for children with cancer and their families, the “Great against cancer” program carries out projects in partnership with 19 health facilities in 6 countries: Italy, Ukraine, Morocco, Uganda , Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast. In hospitals it intervenes through the expansion of pediatric pavilions, oncological therapy structures and scientific research programs and, at the same time, provides patients in the most disadvantaged conditions with emergency funds essential to pay for medicines, therapies and travel that would otherwise be unsustainable, and allows parents to stay close to hospitalized children by hosting them in specially set up homes.

In the belief that health is not just the absence of disease but full fulfillment of subjective potential, Soleterre also develops the “Work Is Progress” program. In the centers opened in Rabat, Tangier, Abidjan and Milan, career guidance services are provided for people in precarious employment conditions, facilitating the meeting between supply and demand and accompanying the creation of small businesses with job interviews and courses.

2020, due to the global exceptional nature of the pandemic, unexpectedly called for Soleterre’s intervention on the front line.  The Covid-19 psychological support experience started in March 2020 at the San Matteo Polyclinic in Pavia, where a team of psychologists offered psychological assistance to patients, family members and healthcare personnel in the departments involved in the management of Covid-19 cases, while in support has since extended throughout Italy, both for people directly affected by the virus and for those who have seen their social, economic and mental status worsen.

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