The declination of dignity: good job to President Mattarella


The swearing-in message of our President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella shows an attentive gaze towards the future and towards those institutions and civil society who must build it today.

Like Link2007 we appreciated the passage dedicated to “dignity” , a concept at the basis of our daily work of civil society. We make the passage of President Mattarella’s speech our own when he underlines that “alongside the social dimension of dignity, there is its ethical and cultural meaning which concerns the value of people and calls the whole of society into question” in Italy and beyond. Precisely for this reason, we feel invested with an even greater responsibility in our actions by placing dignity “as the cornerstone of our commitment, of our civil passion” .

The declination of the “dignity” made by the President is a strong message , which touches everyone, institutions, parties, civil society and which looks to today and to the future of our country. A message of attention to people and their needs, with respect for everyone, citizens and non-citizens alike, including the latter, to overcome injustices, discrimination and poverty. A message of hope. Human dignity in “building a more modern Italy” is also for us the keystone of our actions, as citizens, workers and activists of fair and sustainable development in Italy and in the world.

Good job President!