Despite everything, political dialogue and diplomatic action must continue


Implement every effort to return to political dialogue, even in the face of a reality that now seems to make it impossible ”. Yesterday the  LINK 2007 network  launched an appeal that, despite everything, political dialogue and diplomatic action should not be interrupted. Soleterre for 18 years and  WeWorldCesvi ,  Intersos  more recently and with new humanitarian missions have been active in Ukraine and will expand their interventions if, as it seems, a large humanitarian aid is needed to communities and people in danger or displaced. LINK 2007 adheres to the  Italian Peace and Disarmament Network and invites everyone to participate in the initiatives and demonstrations for peace planned in Rome (Saturday 26 February) and in many other Italian cities.

“Faced with the decision to stake everything on military alliances and on the threat of the use of weapons, leaving a marginal and late role to diplomatic and political action, up to the undue and alarming armed occupation of territories belonging to an independent state, the network by Ong LINK 2007
reaffirms the  need to make every effort to return to political dialogue, even in the face of a reality that now seems to make it impossible.

War affects above all the populations and in particular the weakest people,  with destruction, deaths, wounds, oppression, displacement, at the same time fueling hatred and rancor that remain indelible for a long time.

We have seen it and experienced it directly in recent decades in many areas of armed conflict and war  where millions of people have been affected and where nothing has been resolved , abandoning entire populations to their sad fate. The LINK 2007 NGOs and many other NGOs have been and continue to
be by their side, continually bringing that message of peace that has been denied them.

War, we can affirm it with the certainty of what we have experienced, never solves anything. The blindness of political decision-makers was impressive who, despite knowing it, resorted to it in past years, like a fig leaf which actually hid the inability to face problems with dialogue and constant and tenacious diplomatic action, in mutual understanding of the reasons of others.

LINK’s NGOs have been operating in Ukraine for some time and will continue their action of solidarity and humanitarian presence even in this difficult context, alongside civil society organizations and the most needy populations”.