International commitments and political decision



Dear President of the Council

Honorable Senators and Senators

Honorable Members and Deputies,

We will make this letter public because the theme concerns the way in which Italy intends to face its future, as a country, in the European Union, in the Alliances it participates in, within the United Nations Organization.

Many words have been spent without going beyond the vision of mere temporariness or urgency instead of framing them in a vision of our future to be built now, remedying the serious delays that have accumulated. Many commitments have been undertaken, even solemnly, without being implemented except for their reconfirmation which in turn has repeatedly failed to be implemented. There has not always been an in-depth assessment of the topicality and validity of these international commitments for the construction of our future and therefore of the priorities that must be assumed.

You, President Draghi, with the support of the majority of the Chamber, have undertaken to bring the Defense budget to 2% of GNI compared to the current 1.22% with an additional expenditure of € 16.5 billion. It is a commitment undertaken with NATO to be implemented by 2024, was the justification.

We would like to remind you and the Members of Parliament of another equally important commitment, undertaken at national level, by the European Council and by the United Nations, to be implemented by 2015 (Millennium Goals) but then set to 2030 (Agenda 2030): spending 0.70% of GNI for international development assistance and cooperation. “Cooperation” is the key word. Precisely to promote our interests in the world it must be ennobled and made transversal, in our opinion, to every political act of Italy in international relations. It must remain the cornerstone of relations at an economic, political, cultural, environmental, rights, development, fight against poverty and security level. Cooperation also means peace.

May this commitment therefore be implemented without further unjustifiable delays. Article 30 of Law 125/2014 imposes the gradual adjustment in line with the international commitments undertaken – ie 0.70% of GNI – of resources for development cooperation. May Parliament now define, with figures and dates, the meaning of this “gradual adjustment” which has so far meant a decrease rather than an increase in resources. Our international cooperation and solidarity organizations have launched the 070 Campaign demanding that policy coherence be ensured in this regard.

Defense is fundamental and concerns all citizens, as stated in our Constitution. However, we are convinced that any significant strengthening of national defences, instead of the construction of a common European defence, would contribute to the delay in the construction of that European federal political design to which the member states are in any case destined and of which the need is increasingly felt.

We are also convinced that the best defense of our country, of the EU and of all humanity can be obtained not with continuous rearmament but through progressive negotiated and agreed disarmament, restoring the role of politics in international relations without illusory military and power shortcuts which, even in recent decades, have shown their many limitations. This applies to Italy, the EU and the Atlantic Defense Alliance itself.

We would like Italy and the EU to resume the path of disarmament as their first priority, proposing it to the military powers and to the entire international community through a constructive, respectful, equal political dialogue and without hegemonic aims that would reproduce in chains. Promote it, Mr President, within the EU and the multilateral institutions. Support it, honorable Members of Parliament. Time is this, despite appearances to the contrary.

It is not a matter of the “don’t do” position, as our organizations and our people are totally directed towards “doing”: doing the right things, efficiently and effectively and with a vision of the world that puts people and their potential for the common good. Equally, we want our country and the EU countries to do the right things, looking to today and together with our future and that of humanity, avoiding mistakes that would weigh on our and future generations.

I send you, President and the Members of Parliament, our greetings and best wishes,

Roberto Ridolfi – LINK 2007 President

Silvia Stilli – AOI spokesperson