International Cooperation Urge Coherent Political decisions 


Document of the AOI, CINI, LINK 2007 Networks, representing civil society organizations (Osc) engaged in development cooperation and humanitarian and solidarity aid, on the occasion of the National Conference on Development Cooperation.

It is a declaration which, starting from the current international situation, motivates and solicits political choices by the Government and Parliament consistent with the international commitments undertaken by Italy and with the need to contribute to easing international tensions and to propose a lasting path of cooperation and peace.


which was sent to President Mario Draghi, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, Economy and Finance Minister Daniele Franco, Deputy Minister for International Cooperation Marina Sereni, Senate and House Speakers Elisabetta Alberti Casellati and Roberto Fico , to the parliamentarians of the Senate and of the Chamber.

In view of the forthcoming national conference on development cooperation, the Declaration of AOI, CINI, LINK 2007, signed by Silvia Stilli, Raffaele Salinari, Roberto Ridolfi, touches on the salient points of international tensions and efforts for peace in recent decades and political signals at European and global level calling for courageous, coherent and far-sighted choices; focusing in particular on Italy’s relations with African and Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries and on the commitments undertaken at the UN, OECD and EU headquarters which have not yet been fully implemented.

The document is made up of 10 points: 1. World order and European integration; 2. Italy’s mission in Europe and in the world; 3. The signals to know how to read; 4. The Euro-African area; 5. The crises that prevent progress and development; 6. Rationalization and Europeanization of Defense; 7. Controlled disarmament and Agenda 2030; 8. The duty of 0.70% of GNI for development; 9. Cooperation and sustainable development, two keywords; 10. Political leaders who know how to look ahead.

The National Conference on Development Cooperation was established every three years (Article 16, Law 125/2014) with the aim of “promoting the participation of citizens in defining development cooperation policies”. It is an opportunity to take stock of our country’s international cooperation system and to project ourselves towards a future of sustainable development by coherently linking Peace, People, Prosperity, Planet, Partnership which will be the themes of the five panels of the next Conference. Rome, Auditorium della Conciliazione, 23-24 June 2022.