EDD 22 Interview with Erica Gerrentsen


On the occasion of the European Development Days, we interviewed Erica Gerretsen, Deputy to the Director & Head of Unit for Macro-Economic Analysis, Fiscal Policies and Budget Support, DG INTPA, to discuss the possibilities of investment and debt conversion for developing countries and low-income economies.

Financing can be done through different modalities, among the most important ones, the G20 is examining the possibilities to reduce the level and burden of debt through some instruments such as the Joint Debt Restructuring Framework and the allocation of Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) allocated by the IMF last August (amounting to 650 billion). In this context, CSOs play a key role in two directions

1. in the control of public financing and its management, the use of public resources in the country in which they operate.

2. In providing analyses of the situation in the country, the real needs of the population and the types of solutions that can be defined globally and be most effective locally, in the country.

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