Side Event on Food System and community Food


LINK 2007 participated in the Third World Conference on the Mediterranean Diet with a side event on food systems and community food.

The side event was attended by Roberto Ridolfi President LINK2007, Italo Rizzi from LVIA, Barbara Aiolfi from Bicocca University, Giuseppe De Santis from Reti e Sistemi Rurali, Franco Tesio from Valoryza, Sandro De Luca from CISP Sviluppo dei Popoli, Streng Cerise from LVIA, Luigi Cavallito from COSV – Cooperazione per lo Sviluppo, Sara Savastano from IFAD, Biagio di Terlizzi from CIHEAMBari and Federica de Gaetano from AICS, Rural Development and Food Security.

The objective of the side event was to present the significant experiences on community food developed by the last mile with partners in Africa and the Middle East, where good practices with a measurable and replicable impact have been developed to support local production systems from a food sovereignty perspective and to continue the effort to provide inclusive and sustainable responses to the food crisis.