Hitting the NGOs: an own goal for Italian foreign policy


“What’s the point of limiting the work of NGOs that carry out rescues at sea and thus contribute to condemning people to fatal accidents?” says Roberto Ridolfi, president of Link2007, an association that coordinates important and historic Italian NGOs. “The one just approved is a decree that penalizes humanitarian work and does not demonstrate vision on the part of the government: international cooperation is an asset of the country, not an enemy to be hindered”

“The decree approved by the Council of Ministers, with more stringent rules for non-governmental organizations that carry out relief and rescue operations in the Central Mediterranean, creates further problems for those who choose to engage in humanitarian actions”, explains Roberto Ridolfi , president of Link2007 . coordination association of important and historic Italian NGOs. « It seems absurd to us to approve a law that aims to hinder those who work in the non-profit sector . And, I want to underline it, he doesn’t do this job to enrich companies or investors, but out of a spirit of cooperation and solidarity”.

The complete article was published on  VITA NON PROFIT