Immigration, letter to President Meloni: a national conference with civil society is needed.


Letter sent to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni on 6 March 2023 with the proposal for a National Conference on immigration and asylum, open to discussions between institutions and social organizations and the Third Sector, between different points of view.

The shipwreck of Cutro and the death of dozens of people seeking protection from countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Syria or driven by the hope of better living conditions have once again affected everyone, citizens and institutions. If on the one hand there are those who profit from the trafficking of human beings considering them goods to be exploited, on the other there is still a limited ability to govern the migratory reality as a whole, both at the European level and in the individual member states, including the ours, also in consideration of the complexity of the matter which requires coherent policies and adequate tools to be able to govern immigration and asylum and to be able to implement concrete integration and inclusion policies.

Only the desired, true comparison, also open to the clash of ideas and proposals but attentive to the reasons of others, can help outline a renewed policy for an immigration government that is at the same time fair, supportive, safe, effective and advantageous for Italy.

The Conference proposed with the letter to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni could represent a first significant cultural, social and political step forward, opening a constructive dialogue, which has been needed for some time.