President’s Speech at the GSEF 2023


LINK 2007 President Roberto Ridolfi addressed the plenary of the World Social and Solidarity Economy Forum (GSEF DAKAR 2023) on the occasion of the panel “Collective and sustainable green economy for territories, food self-sufficiency and its governance”, to talk about the initiatives proposed by the LINK 2007 network on sustainable agriculture.

Food sovereignty offers concrete proposals to be put into practice for a systemic change in food systems, in production methods, which includes social, economic, political, ecological and cultural dimensions and involves a network of actors from institutions and civil society that ensures democratic governance of food systems.

One of the main objectives is to raise awareness of the centrality of food systems in the Sustainable Development Goals and the need to move towards more sustainable food systems, through capacity-building and information tools and methodologies on sustainable, accessible and viable consumption and production. In this sense, it is crucial to link initiatives on sustainable food consumption and production and, at the same time, to develop partnerships aimed at building synergies and cooperation.