Meeting between the LINK 2007 delegation and the Italian Embassy in Dakar


The LINK 2007 delegation composed of AMREF, CISP, COOPI, COSV and LVIA met the Italian Ambassador in Dakar, Giovanni Umberto De Vito and the Director of the AICS office in Dakar, Marco Falcone. During the meeting, LINK 2007 President Roberto Ridolfi presented the network and illustrated the issues carried out by LINK 2007 with a focus on the nexus of migration and development.

The LINK 2007 delegation presented the project ‘Personal fulfilment as an alternative to migration’, its current actions and future prospects. In this sense, the project will be articulated in a broader proposal also through the involvement of microfinance institutions in order to ensure a greater impact of the project.

The meeting was an important opportunity for discussion and dialogue on international cooperation issues with the diplomatic authorities of our country.