AOI, CINI and LINK 2007: Urgent humanitarian appeal to the international community after warning of evacuation of northern and central Gaza


Residents of the Gaza Strip overnight received a warning on their phones from the Israeli army to evacuate the entire northern and central area of the Strip by 2pm local time on 13 October.

The UN also received the same communication to secure all their staff and facilities, including schools and hospitals.

The area has been under incessant shelling for five days, the roads are destroyed. There is nowhere safe in Gaza. There is no electricity or petrol.

This demand by Israel is unreasonable, it is not possible to move more than a million people in a few hours. To support the reasons for this decision today is to leave behind innocent civilians who have a right to be protected, including the most vulnerable including the elderly, displaced people, hospital patients, and hundreds of thousands of children.

We therefore join the UN Secretary General’s request to Under-Secretary Blinken, who is in the Middle East, and to EU President Von Der Leyen, who is scheduled to visit Israel today, 13 October, to stop the operation announced by Israel before the scenarios envisaged by members of its government, starting with the Prime Minister, become reality.


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