The world is hungry. For peace and development.
The appeal of the 070 Campaign and the Generation Cooperation project.
In Rome, December 3 and 5, to support international cooperation.

Rome, Nov. 22. The 070 Campaign and the Generazione Cooperazione project appeal to the Italian government and parliament to relaunch Italy’s international cooperation. Our country remains far from the international goal, adopted in 1970 by the United Nations General Assembly, to allocate 0.70 percent of the gross national income of economically advanced countries to official development assistance to poor countries. In 2024, Italy will hold the presidency of the G7: in this role, it must take responsibility for relaunching the global initiative for peace, for combating global warming, and for solidarity and global justice with immediate and concrete decisions, including providing for greater investment in our country’s international cooperation.

Peace and sustainable development are indispensable elements for the future of humanity. The Covid 19 pandemic, the increasing frequency and intensity of environmental disasters caused by climate change, the global impact of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and the “world war in pieces,” and, these days, the tragedy of the conflict in Palestine are only the latest most dramatic episodes in a crisis that makes it increasingly difficult to achieve the goals of sustainable development. The historic goal of eradicating poverty and hunger is increasingly distant. Without building bridges of peace and development, we will also be responsible for this failure.
Ivana Borsotto, spokesperson for Campaign 070, states: “Now is the time to be heard. Italy must announce its priorities for the G7 presidency that will start in January 2024.” He adds, “The Prime Minister has launched the Mattei Plan for Africa. Government and Parliament are engaged in approving the Budget Law for the next three years, also being able to determine what resources are allocated to international cooperation. We welcome the recent report of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that calls for consideration of a gradual increase in resources for cooperation over a defined time frame to align with international commitments.” Ivana Borsotto concludes by recalling that “Campaign 070 and the Generation Cooperation project are now calling for the Prime Minister’s Office to adopt its own decree to determine a gradual but binding timetable to reach the target of 0.70 percent to be allocated to international aid by 2030.”
The 070 Campaign, promoted by Focsiv, Aoi, Cini and Link 2007, together with the Forum of the Third Sector, ASviS, Caritas Italiana and Missio, with the Generazione Cooperazione project, invites everyone to participate on Sunday, December 3, in a mobilization to be held at 2:30 p.m. in Piazza Santi Apostoli in Rome, while on Tuesday, December 5, at 10 a.m., at the Hotel Nazionale in Montecitorio, we will meet with institutions and members of Parliament to share our commitment to sustainable development cooperation.

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