Paolo Dieci Award: the project ‘Racism is a bad story – let’s change it together’ wins Second Edition

Rome, 30 November 2023 – The project Racism is a Bad Story – Let’s Change it Together won the second edition of the Paolo Dieci Award for Partnership in Cooperation. The winner was announced today in Rome during the concluding seminar of the initiative named after the former president of Cisp and Link2007, hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. Of the project, implemented by the QuestaèRoma-contro le discriminazioni association and by Razzismo è una brutta storia, the important role given to the transfer of skills, its originality and its impact against all forms of discrimination through the tools of art, recreation and culture were particularly appreciated. The other two finalists were also highly rated: the LOG-Life of Giving Project, implemented by the partnership composed of ICSE & Co International centre for southern Europe and CODE (Consulting and Development Partners), ranked second, and the Centre de Santé à Gouka Project, also implemented in partnership by Project for People ODV and Compagnia Africana APS, ranked third.

“We are extremely happy with this victory, which comes in the tenth year of our association and is a very nice crowning of these very hard years. We are happy that our work is being recognised. Thanks to the sum donated by the prize, we will be able to carry out many projects, especially in schools, one of the places we care most about where we are not represented and where we try to bring forward a different idea of Italianness,’ commented Kwanda Musi Dos Santos, co-founder of the QuestaèRoma-contro le Discriminazioni Association.

“It seems to me that there was a good response to the call: 19 projects realised in partnership between an organisation of diasporas, of migrants or with a migrant background and an Italian civil society organisation. The winning projects met several criteria. The jury wanted to award the project carried out in Italy on the topic of racism and diversity education by the association QuestaèRoma-contro le discriminazioni in partnership with Razzismo è una brutta storia, which tackles a very current problem with effective tools,’ says Maura Viezzoli, president of the International Committee for the Development of Peoples (CISP).

“The Paolo Dieci Award is a valuable instrument to keep Paolo’s memory alive and to pursue his ambitions. Paolo Dieci was an example of great relevance in international cooperation. He did not pretend to change the world, but he changed the lives of many people for the better,’ emphasises Roberto Ridolfi, president of Link2007, a position also held by Paolo Dieci in the past.

“The award has a very important meaning for us, not only to remember the extraordinary figure of Paolo Dieci, but also because it is strongly committed to promoting the establishment of partnerships between NGOs and diasporas, a fundamental objective of law125/2014. Valuing diasporas and involving new generations in Italian international cooperation are essential actions to strengthen the role of migrant communities in project implementation. This becomes crucial to raise the awareness of diasporas on the importance they can have in development cooperation,’ explains Cléophas Adrien Dioma, President of Le Réseau Cléophas Association.

“It is crucial to see this diaspora movement grow. Being part of the jury was a very interesting experience because of the two macro-criteria that were chosen: the quality of the partnership and the effectiveness of the project. It was not easy to decide on the trio of finalists, because we examined quality projects. This award can serve to bring out initiatives that often remain informal and it is an important sign that the promoters and sponsors value this walking and working together,’ says Cristina Toscano of Fondazione Cariplo, one of the sponsors of the award.

“We decided to renew our sponsorship and financial support for the prize, because since the inception of the National Council for Development Cooperation we have taken part in the working group on migration and supported the diaspora summit. Support for the prize was therefore a logical consequence. There is also a strong closeness, both in values and mutual knowledge, with Paolo Dieci and the Cisp. We therefore feel at home on occasions like this, in the knowledge that the diaspora is an essential part of our development and the country’s growth. Through the award we can send a different message to all institutions, private foundations and civil society organisations,’ explains Stefania Mancini of the Charlemagne Foundation.

The award was created to remember Paolo Dieci, who died in a plane crash in 2019, and his commitment to peace, the rights of every person and cooperation between peoples. The aim is to continue his work, enhancing and encouraging active partnerships between civil society organisations and the organised realities of the world of immigration and the new generations. The aim is to achieve quality, effective and sustainable cooperation for development. Now in its second edition, the initiative is promoted by Cisp, Link 2007 and Le Réseau in collaboration with Aoi, Cini and Forum del Terzo Settore and with the patronage of Maeci, Oim, Aics, Rai Per la Sostenibilità and the Municipality of Rome, and the media partnership of VITA.

The members of the jury of the second edition of the Paolo Dieci Prize were: Stefano Arduini (VITA); Cleophas Adrien Dioma (Le Réseau); Gabriele Giuglietti (Banca Etica); Mehret Tewolde (Le Réseau); Cristina Toscano (Fondazione Cariplo); Maura Viezzoli (CISP/Link2007); Emanuela Colombo (PoliMI) and Daniele Panzeri (IOM).


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