18 December International Migrants’ Day

18 December International Migrants’ Day: A Tribute to Resilience and Diversity

18 December is celebrated as International Migrants Day, a crucial occasion to reflect the diversity of stories and experiences that characterise the global migration phenomenon. This day is a tribute to migrants around the world, celebrating and remembering their resilience and contribution to building richer and more inclusive communities.

“We need to address the reality of migration not as an emergency but as a structural phenomenon that as such requires to be governed with systematic and coordinated strategies”. Says Roberto Ridolfi President of LINK 2007 commenting on the unacceptable massacre of migrants that took place last 17 December off the coast of Libya. 61 drowned. Among the victims were women and children.

“The umpteenth tragedy at sea underlines the urgency of concrete and global action by states and the European Union to reduce irregular immigration in order to decisively promote regular and safe immigration. Faced with the persistence of tragedies, a profound revision of current policies and regulations by national and European governmental institutions is essential,” stresses the LINK President.

LINK 2007 proposals and the migration and development nexus

Migration is a global phenomenon that requires a global response. In an increasingly interconnected world, collaboration between nations, organisations and individuals is crucial to address the challenges and exploit the opportunities offered by cultural diversity.

LINK 2007 presented its proposals for a new approach to migration policies in the document ‘Governance of migration and cooperation with countries of origin’. In order to address the issue of migration, it is essential to move away from the emergency logic and ideological oppositions, initiating a constructive and lasting confrontation that involves all the realities capable of making a concrete contribution.

Among the main themes pursued by LINK is the nexus of migration and development. As the President of LINK 2007 points out, “Analysing the migration phenomenon from a different perspective, especially through the eyes of young people from Africa who interpret migration as a chance to seek a more promising future, is crucial. This vision plays a crucial role in directing the efforts of international cooperation towards the creation of tangible systems of job placement, employment opportunities and the promotion of businesses that are real opportunities for young people’. The LINK 2007 president also emphasised the importance of investing time and resources in networks and collaborations between the various actors.

“In order to develop these opportunity systems, a group of CSOs associated with LINK 2007 is planning an initiative to turn these principles into concrete actions, involving CSOs, networks of youth organisations, local institutions, microfinance institutions and Diaspora networks. This synergetic methodology, in which all components work together in an integrated way, is crucial to create a tangible and sustainable system of opportunities’.

Building a Future of Welcoming and Understanding

Every migrant brings with them a unique story of courage, hope and adaptation. International Migrants’ Day is a key moment to honour these stories, recognising the value of their contribution to the cultural, economic and social fabric of their host nations. In this sense, addressing the challenges of migration is essential to ensure a more equitable and sustainable future. From access to education and health services to the protection of fundamental human rights, this day prompts us to reflect on how we can improve the living conditions of migrants and create more inclusive societies. Every gesture of support and awareness helps build bridges between people, breaking down barriers and creating a future where everyone can live without fear and with hope for a better tomorrow.