Guide to international cooperation partnerships


The Guide to Facilitate Profit-Nonprofit Partnerships in Developing Countries was presented in Milan in front of a large audience. “We make this Guide available to the many companies and NGOs who want to work together to promote a necessary cultural change by creating development-oriented partnerships,” said Adriana Spazzoli, President of the Sodalitas Foundation.
Link 2007, since the period of the Italian presidency of the European Union has assumed the theme of the involvement of the entrepreneurial system in development cooperation as a priority. We have proposed analysis documents to our institutions, such as, for example “”Development Cooperation. Business and human rights, social responsibility and environmental responsibility” of 3 December 2014, “The potential role of the private sector in international cooperation strategies: food for thought and proposals for further study” of 5 January 2015 and, more recently, on 19 October 2016 , a document on the European Union’s foreign investment plan in Africa and in the Mediterranean and Near East. This commitment is today articulated in the working group dedicated to the private sector of the CNCS,
The recent Reform of international cooperation (Law 125/2014), in line with international strategies, in fact accredits for the first time also private companies among the protagonists of the cooperation system.
An Italian strategy that aims to increase resources to carry out projects in developing countries.
With the aim of contributing to the implementation of the reform, the Sodalitas Foundation has developed the first Guide to create partnerships between companies and non-governmental organizations that are beneficial for both partners involved, generate economic and social value in developing countries contributing to the solution of local needs.
The “Guide to international cooperation partnerships” is a result obtained thanks to the contribution of companies belonging to the Sodalitas Foundation and Italian NGOs representing the three national networks, which have worked together by sharing experiences, processes and practices.
“The willingness of companies, institutions and private stakeholders to work together is today a fundamental condition for development. The Reform of international cooperation will be successful if companies and non-governmental organizations are able to create potentially advantageous collaborations for all the stakeholders involved – said Adriana Spazzoli, President of the Sodalitas Foundation. Our “Guide to international cooperation partnerships” aims to contribute to this goal by offering standards, paths, tools and methodological references. We make this Guide available to the many companies and NGOs – concluded Adriana Spazzoli – who want to work together to promote a necessary cultural change and create development-oriented partnerships together”.
The Guide helps companies and NGOs to grasp the mutual value and benefits of collaboration.
For companies, collaborating with NGOs can generate measurable economic value referring to the possibility of entering new countries, or of growing in countries where they are already present, of qualifying their relationship system and innovating their ability to stay on the market ..