Attack NGOs to attack sea rescues


Over the past few months, an attack on NGOs engaged in the central Mediterranean in rescue operations of people in grave danger of sinking has been growing on several fronts. The five thousand deaths in shipwrecks a year are becoming normal, as is the habituation to these tragedies. But there are those in society, in politics and in the media who do not accept this type of “normality”: there are many, even if their noise is less loud than the rough and coarse one of many who, without having any feasible project and above all without no vision and political strategy, it manages to express only the refusal to look at reality and to face it by safeguarding the Christian and Enlightenment values ​​of justice, solidarity, humanity which are the basis of our coexistence. In particular, some NGOs wanted to be there, in the face of the withdrawal of the institutions and the short-term security choices of the European Union and its member states. They are Italian, German and Spanish NGOs that have put a dozen ships to sea in search, sometimes desperately, of children, women and men at the mercy of the waves. It is an action that is bothering those who, in order to limit arrivals, are willing to close their eyes to the deaths and, ultimately, to the fate of our civilization and its values; to those who would like NGOs totally subordinate to inhumane political choices and embedded in their actions. That’s why the attack comes above all from institutions, political parties and the media always ready to ride the sensation without ever carrying out the necessary checks. But let’s see if we can resume the main stages of the last few months.