Hands on the water


The long walks to reach a source of often contaminated and undrinkable water, the endless queues at the springs, the insufficient quantity of water to cultivate and irrigate their plots of land are the daily problems that more than two billion people still encounter today forcing people, especially women and children, to spend a large part of the day providing for the water supply for the subsistence of their families. These scarce resources are becoming increasingly inaccessible due to external factors, such as the expansion of an intensive agricultural model with high water consumption and the effects of climate change which are upsetting the entire hydrogeological cycle, causing droughts and floods.
A very topical theme curated by Giorgio Cancelliere
Master Coordinator in Management of Water Resources in International Cooperation, University of Milan Bicocca and by Margherita Romanelli Policy Advisor of the GVC.
The document was closed with the information available as of March 2017.

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