NGO-OSC development cooperation and humanitarian specificities in the new Third Sector Code


In a recent Link 2007 NGO workshop on the new Third Sector Code (Legislative Decree 117/2017) some concerns emerged about the typical recognition, specific to development cooperation and humanitarian aid, of NGOs and other cooperation organizations and international solidarity in the Third Sector Code. That same recognition, that is, which they have obtained since Law 38/1979 (art. 37), by Law 49/1987 (art. 28), by Legislative Decree 460/97 (art. 10 c. 8) and which Law 125/2014 (art. 26) confirmed.
It is the recognition of their constant growth in action and in ways aimed at accountability, quality, effectiveness, sustainability, structural and organizational improvement. And the proven ability to promote, make proposals, joint relationships, systemic actions with other subjects at national, European and international level, keeping the Italian presence high and the message of solidarity in the poorest world and keeping alive the attention of public opinion on issues that were increasingly involving our societies. This typicality, perfected over the decades and also recognized internationally, seemed to have been lost in the new regulatory framework of the Third Sector Code (Legislative Decree 117/2017).