International cooperation: the migration and development nexus
Event on the occasion of the Paul Ten Award 2023 ceremony.


On Nov. 30, 2023, from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., the Aldo Moro Room of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in Rome will host the event International Cooperation: the nexus of migration and development at the Paolo Dieci Prize 2023 Award Ceremony.

At the Paolo Dieci Award Ceremony, the three finalist projects will be presented and the winning project will be announced. The migration theme is at the center of the debate and during the event, the relationship between international cooperation and migration flows will be explored.

LINK 2007 – Cooperazione in rete, the association LE RÉSEAU and CISP Sviluppo dei Popoli, have established the Paolo Dieci Award with the aim of encouraging partnerships between CSOs, civil society organizations of international cooperation and the organized realities of the world of migration and the new generations, also with the aim of supporting greater involvement of the Associations of Diasporas and with migration background in development cooperation regulated by Law 125/2014. The objective is to encourage partnerships aimed at thinking, deepening, communicating, and implementing international cooperation for development that is humane, equitable, and sustainable, to stimulate the promotion and sharing of good practices in the field of co-development, and to develop relations between peoples and cultures for mutual interest and benefit.

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