Marco Riccardo Rusconi Director of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation


After a long wait and uncertainty, the Council of Ministers has finally appointed the new director of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation – AICS The new director will be Marco Riccardo Rusconi, born in Milan in 1972.

Having started his diplomatic career in 1997, Rusconi has held various positions, beginning at the Italian Embassy in Madrid and Cairo. Subsequently, he served as Consul General in Montreal and as Permanent Representative to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). Subsequently, he was Diplomatic Advisor to the Ministers of the Environment and then of Energy Transition. For the past two and a half years, he has headed the Africa Office at the Directorate General for Development Cooperation, also taking on the deputy functions of the Deputy Director General/Central Director for bilateral development cooperation policies and emergency interventions.

The new Director will have a demanding task ahead of him, but he will be able to count on the skills, professionalism, experience and passion of the Agency’s staff and the actors of development cooperation, including civil society organisations, to support him. The LINK 2007 NGOs are ready for dialogue, in-depth analysis, innovation and collaboration to contribute to the strengthening of the Agency and improve the quality and effectiveness of Italian development cooperation.