LINK 2007 Network Cooperation. The professionalism of LINK 2007 NGOs. Migration, Africa Plan, Senegal


Radio interview Spazio Libero Rai Parlamento on LINK 2007 Network Cooperation: The professionalism of NGOs in LINK 2007. Migration, Plan Africa, Senegal

LINK 2007 was set up 16 years ago to coordinate the work of NGOs especially on the African continent, as LINK 2007 President Roberto Ridolfi points out, ‘The main objectives of LINK 2007 are summed up in our slogan, to the last mile. For the network, it is crucial that inequalities do not stand between sustainable development and the fight against poverty, this is the main objective of the 16 organisations that are part of LINK, many of which have a 50-year history of development cooperation,” says LINK President, Roberto Ridolfi. ‘Our mandates are essentially two: one is sustainable development cooperation and the other is humanitarian aid,’ President Ridolfi continues.

The topics also include the Law 125/2014, the Redemption Song project and the next steps of the project, the importance of training and the challenges on the issue of migration.

Silvana Merico, President of World Friends, emphasises: ‘Education is essential for empowerment, self-awareness and individual and community life. It is crucial for acquiring skills, realising oneself and choosing between staying in one’s own country or emigrating. Moreover, training is a key key to counteracting the brain drain, the flight of skills and young people.”

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