Memorial Day


For LINK 2007, Holocaust Memorial Day remains a cherished date. It brings to mind the horror that our country and other European countries have been able to do by persecuting, dehumanising, deporting and annihilating their own citizens, simply because they were Jews, but also ‘Gypsies’ or despised minorities. This shows all of us that the way forward, so that such crimes are never repeated, is that of constant and convinced adherence to principles and values based on the equal dignity of every person, fundamental rights, justice and democratic participation. Remembrance Day urges us to recognise the seeds of evil that our societies are capable of cultivating and communicating, even today, both internally and in international relations. The signs are there and we must be able to counter them in time, before the seeds can develop.

The reflection of Nino Sergi, LINK 2007 Policy Advisor, is a useful contribution to this reflection and we offer it for reading HERE