8th edition IABW in Rome on 18 and 19 November 2024


The Eighth Edition of the Italia Africa Business Week (IABW) Forum will be held in Rome between the 18th and the 19th of November 2024, at the Villa Aurelia Congress Centre in Via Leone XIII, 459. Entitled ‘Adapt, Thrive and Expand: Turning Challenges into Opportunities’, it will present an ample platform and a context in which entrepreneurs, opinion leaders and professionals from Italy and African countries can come together to map out win-win strategies in addressing and capitalizing on emerging challenges, turning them into genuine opportunities for sustainable growth.

This edition of IABW is set to be an unmissable opportunity to connect, share revolutionary ideas and forge collaborations that will result in successful projects. Through engaging sessions, keynote speeches from experts, together with industry discussions, we will immerse ourselves in the art of adapting to change, thriving in a constantly evolving world, and turning challenges into real opportunities.

The conference sessions will be in the form of workshops, high-level panelist sets, B2B and B3B meetings, bringing together various sponsors, creating an avenue for profuse business partnerships and lots of networking: laying a solid foundation on which to build a new business is a job that starts with getting to know each other and being aware of one’s own means and business needs.

IABW aims at providing all the tools that will foster new partnerships and consolidate existing ones, targeting Italian and African SMEs, the heart of the entrepreneurial world on both sides of the Mediterranean, as well as large companies with significant capital that are interested in starting healthy and high-level partnerships with new African realities and institutions.

Creating the conditions to stimulate collaboration between the players of the Italian System and those of the Systems of African countries is the ultimate goal of IABW: to introduce excellence and know-how to the African market by favoring and catalyzing the exchange of knowledge, training, and encouraging the creation of structures and businesses, in addition to creating value chains and employment at all levels and for all players involved.

Key topics of this year’s edition are:

– Adapting to market trends: how companies can adapt to changing market dynamics.

– Sustainable prosperity: Strategies for sustainable and responsible economic growth.

– Industrial Transformation: Exploring opportunities for industrial transformation and innovation.

– Bilateral collaborations: creating strong synergies between Italy and African countries to promote shared development.